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Features of Online Billboard

  • Simulated Billboard Look.
    Other Display Options Available
  • User access to Full Featured Design Platform
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Dashboard Style Console for Easy Engagement
  • Audio Play option

Why an Online Billboard?

Consumers today constantly have a smartphone in hand and are ready to engage with a brand or product if it piques their interest. They know that moving from an offline ad to the online showroom offers them more information, richer media, an opportunity to engage and possibly some kind of perk. This readiness to engage is heightened when path from online to offline is easy, for example an attractive, memorable, easy-to-type URL.

To extend the reach of your offline ad, to provide greater depth of information, to collect more information on your viewers, and to offer them a chance to engage with you, you need to have a compelling web-ad that parallels your offline, and you need to provide the simplest path for the consumer to get there.

A well-designed landing page that parallels your offline ad can be termed an “Online-Billboard”.


Invest in an Online-billboard, a well-designed landing page that parallels your ad giving it more depth, and infusing it with rich media content.


Make it easy for your customers to connect, using a URL from VISIONxe’s suite of premium, attractive, memorable names.


For an incremental increase on to your ad-spend, enjoy greater engagement with the consumer, collect more information, see more shares, and help build brand affinity.